Dr. Loster – Veterinarian


Dr. Manta Loster graduated with honors from the University of Guelph, Canada with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Biomedical Sciences. He was accepted to the Ontario Veterinary College at Guelph University graduating in 1994. In 2000 he completed an internship at Michigan Veterinary Specialists and completed a residency in Emergency and Critical Care in Louisville in 2004. Dr. Loster holds professional membership in KVMA, AVMA, GLVMA, and AAHA. Dr. Loster and Dr. Ross bought the practice in May, 2008.

Dr. Ross – Veterinarian


Dr. Tanya Ross graduated with honors from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. She went on to complete a Master of Science in Immunology and Pathology at the University of Guelph. She was then accepted to the Ontario Veterinary College, graduating in 1999. After graduation Dr. Ross practiced as an associate veterinarian for 2 years prior to moving to Kentucky. In June of 2001 she joined PVVC. She and Dr. Loster took over ownership of PVVC in May of 2008. Dr. Ross holds professional membership in several organizations including KVMA, AVMA, GLVMA, AAHA and SFT. Dr. Ross has 2 wonderful children, Marissa and Corbin and they share their home with champion pointer Pebbles and two wonderful kitties, Pookie and Olaf.

Dr. Barnes – Veterinarian

Dr. Kristen Barnes is a 2014 graduate of St George’s University with clinical rotations at the University of Missouri. She has been traveling to many sites in Kentucky, providing exams, vaccines and routine surgeries for needed areas.

Her family time is spent with her mother and her two dogs, Wolfe and Hobie and two cats, Luna and Harry Bailey. Any spare time is spent cooking and reading.

“I want to provide your pets with the care and compassion I hope to give my own dogs and cats!”

Dr. Kurtz – Veterinarian

Dr Hannah Kurtz graduated from Auburn University in 2016 for her veterinary program after completing her BA in Mathematics from The College of Wooster. She also studied abroad at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Special interest include feline and exotic companion animal medicine.

Her home and time is spent with fiance and passions include video games and sewing. She has 2 dogs Neville (the Corgi) and Racer (terrier) along with 3 cats: Echo, Purrl and Ruby.

“I love my job – I get to help nurture the human-animal bone while getting cuddles in the process!”

Traci – Practice Manager


Bachelors in Business Administration
22 years in veterinary medicine

Shares home with a zoo of cats and a pomeranian. Loves being a new “Grams” to adorable baby Hans.
Spends time with family, baking (lots of experiments), and orphan kitten rescue.

“Caring for animals is my purpose in life and I love it with all my heart.”

Britt – Medical Care and Reproduction Team


Associates in Applied Science (emphasis Veterinary Technology)
5 years in veterinary medicine – special interests include anesthesia and internal medicine

Shares home with 4 cats: Chloe, Kittana, Victor Von Doom and Ronald Bilius Weasley. Loves being with her niece Gracen who has completely stolen her heart.
Spends time bartending, drawing/painting and reading

“My job is dangerous, dirty and very demanding but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Who could give up the mystery of helping something that can’t tell you where it hurts?”

Rosemarie – Dental Care Team


Spends time with family along with her Papillons, Rottie, 2 cats, 4 birds, 9 miniature horses and 2 Hackney Ponies. She shows dogs and loves driving carriage horses.

“Animals are beautiful, soulful, sensitive creatures that deserve our care and respect!”

Vincent – Medical Care Team

Enjoys reading, hiking and camping. Spends time with Dafi, German Shep/Chow mix, Lili, setter/beagle mix and cats Oreo and Elsa

“I’m more concerned with an animal liking me than a person! LOL”

Allee – Medical Care Team

Bachelors in History
2 years in veterinary medicine

Shares home with Aussie mix Sophie, beagle Piper and kitty Legion.
Spends time with family, traveling and loves music.

“A house is not a home without a pet.”

McCauley – Medical Care Team

Bachelors in Marine Biology
2 years in veterinary medicine – working towards vet school

Shares home with parents and sister. His talents included gymnastics for 13 years. Now he just likes to swim in his back yard pool!

“My goal is to not only provide the best care possible for your pets, but also to be someone they can be excited to see.”

Nicole – Medical Care Team

Associates in Veterinary Science
3 years in veterinary medicine

Shares home with boyfriend and dogs Cairo and Fenric.
Spends time with video games, board games, skiing, hiking and biking

“The reason dogs live short lives is because they learn what happiness is so soon while us humans can take a lifetime.”

Laura, LVT – Medical Care Team

Bachelors in Veterinary Technology
4 years in veterinary medicine

Shares home with her fiancé, 2 dogs and 2 cats.
Spends time with search and rescue dogs, playing video games, reading and hiking.

“It’s tough, messy and unpredictable, but I can’t see myself doing anything else!”

Ryan – Medical Care Team

Bachelors in Science in Agriculture (Veterinary Technology)
Special interests include: radiology, large animal and emergency care, microbiology, surgery

Spends time with his two brothers and three Golden Doddles. Hobbies include camping, hiking, and watching soccer, esp Louisville City FC and Minecraft.

“Since I was young my animals taught me a lot and cared for me. It’s time to return the care back.”

Janet – Client Service Representative

Shares home with husband, Jeff, 12 cats, 6 dogs, 3 horses, 2 goats and a donkey. Enjoys Disney, riding horses, ballet, baking Christmas cookies, and playing with all her animals!

“I feel very blessed that God has granted me so much love to care for so many of His creatures!”

Amanda – Client Account Representative

Certified Yoga Instructor
13 years in veterinary medicine

Mother to one curly-headed human named Ruby and one four-legged, Italian Greyhound mix names Dwight. Spends time with nature, hiking and biking, gardening, yoga and meditation and writing poetry.

“Love someone else the way your pet loves you. It is vulnerable, true and unconditional”

Brandice – Client Service Representative

3 years in veterinary medicine – special interest in surgery and customer care

Shares home with 2 daughters, 4 dogs, a chinchilla, 2 geckos, a bearded dragon and fish.
Spends time outdoors hiking, crafting and loves music.

“Animal care has always been my passion. Animals can always reward you in the greatest ways.”

Sierra – Client Service Representative

Working for experience in veterinary medicine

Spends time with her wonderful mother and her boyfriend Gavin along with 3 sweet kitties and a crazy chihuahua. Loves everything cat related, being outdoors, taking road trips and adventures, and reading.

“One of my favorite questions has always been ‘If you stopped getting paid tomorrow, would you still go to work?’ Working with animals, the answer is always yes!”

Louise – Inventory Manager


Shares her time with her dogs and cats and visits to her brother. Loves working with her dogs and social networking. A former veterinary technician, knows what Pewee Valley needs and gets it!!!!

“All animals at Pewee Valley should be cared for as if the belonged to one of us”

Bootsie – Hospitality CatMan, King of the Kitty Castle

Spends home with his work family and every dog that walks through the door (has no concept that there are other cats in the world even though he quietly observes them every day). Job duties include hanging with the dogs in the house, roaming “monitoring” the halls, “helping” the doctors with their calls and records and entertaining the attic ghost residents. Fun time is spent sleeping in the sun, sitting on clients laps (his apologies if he misunderstood that you did NOT want him in your lap) and eating.

“I’m here to let ALL the other animals know that the humans here will help them and be kind and gentle to them!”