International Canine Semen Bank of Kentucky

Chilled Semen – Collection and Shipment

  • Give us as much notice as possible that a collect and ship will be needed, such as calling us with progesterone numbers as the female’s progression is being tracked.
  • Fill out the “Shipping Chilled Semen” form completely. This includes ship to address and credit card information.
  • No shipment will leave the clinic until payment is received.
  • Collection appointments are best scheduled in the morning so that they can be picked up by our Fed-Ex cut-off time of 2:00 PM. If a collection must be done after 2:00 pm you will be required to take the package to the nearest Fed-Ex location.

Frozen Semen — Preparation and Shipment

  • We require at least 48 hours (72 hours is preferable) that a frozen shipment will be going out. Our reproduction department must schedule the appropriate amount of time for retrieval and preparation of the semen as well as all necessary requirements and paperwork. An additional “Stat” fee will be charged if less than 48 hours notice is given.
  • It is best for the tank to be shipped ahead of time to avoid any last minute issues with shipping that could delay the shipment (inclement weather, customs, etc). Please verify with the recipient clinic that they have appropriate means for storage.
  • For international shipping you will need to collect all necessary requirement information for exporting to the foreign country. You will need to contact the embassy of the country, as well as visiting to find the requirements.
  • A “Shipping Frozen Semen” form as well as the appropriate “Release of Frozen Semen” form must be completely filled out and in our possession before any shipment will be prepared.
  • Payment information must be provided before any shipment will leave the clinic.