Welcome! We want to add you and your pets to our Pewee Valley Family!

At Pewee Valley Veterinary Center — we know how important being a pet parent is to you since we are pet parents too! The joy they bring to our lives! Each one has their own exciting story to tell!

They are all unique — what is your pet best known for? Unconditional love, companionship, entertainment, grand champion or just looking pretty on the sofa? From the ones we choose to adopt to the ones who choose to adopt us! They are an amazing part of our lives!

We are here to care for them when they are healthy to help prevent diseases and risks to caring for them when they are sick or injured! Let us be a special part of their lives just like you!!!

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Note from Janet — What our clients mean to us

At Pewee Valley Vet we are passionate about animals and taking the best care of them. We don’t want a cold sterile environment for you or your furry family member. We want you to feel at home and comfortable. We want you and your fur baby to feel warm and fuzzy when you come to see us. Our staff love giving and getting snuggles and kisses from the fur babies we take care of. Doesn’t mat-ter big or small we want you and your furry friends to feel welcome and part of the Pewee Valley family. As a long term client and em-ployee of Pewee Valley Vet, I am proud to continue with the values and standards of what our founder Dr Gerald Meyer, wanted when he started the clinic. Here at Pewee Valley Vet we want that small town warm family feel but also provide the best medical care for your furry friends. I believe we have achieved that. We understand that your fur-ry friends are a big part of your family. We want them, as well as your family, to be part of our family here at Pewee Valley Vet. I grew up here in Pewee Valley and I love that I can share my compassion for your furry friends in the town I have loved so much.