Now in 2015, we find the needs of these military war dogs have changed. With many of our troops coming home we are now looking toward helping to bring these incredible working animals back as well, and either reuniting them with their handlers or finding them loving forever homes. It costs roughly $3500 to bring back one dog, depending on the location, health of the dog, and whether or not a former handler is waiting for them. Joy to the Woof has recently teamed up with Mission K9 Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the service of retiring and retired military working dogs and contract dogs. They provide monetary, transportation, adoption, and professional assistance for these retired hero dogs. In 2014 Mission K9 Rescue reunited many of these dogs with their handlers. Joy to the Woof is proud to be part of raising money to help these hero dogs to come home to a good retirement and loving homes with lifelong care. At this time Mission K9 Rescue is preparing to bring home 12 more military working dogs from Afghanistan and Kuwait and we are happy to be providing monetary assistance to this cause.

Joy to the Woof is continually looking ahead to the changing needs of our military working dogs and any ways that we can help them. These hero dogs have risked it all in the protective service of our military personnel, detecting bombs, drugs, weaponry, and much more. We want to thank all of our kind and caring donors who help to make our mission possible and hope to continue this mission for as long as there is a need.

event01Monumental Donation

August 2015
An extra special WOOF thank you to Jordan Hall, an Honorary President of the Kentucky Society of the Children of the American Revolution. Jordan put together a project that raised over $6800 for Joy to the Woof!!!!!!!!!!

We have teamed up with Mission K9 Rescue to allocate these funds to assist in bringing home retired military dogs. Please visit Mission K9 Rescue’s website to see this in action!!!

We are so excited to have this opportunity and are deeply grateful to Jordan, the Kentucky Society of the Children of the American Revolution, and all the compassionate individuals who donated to this project.

event02“Max” Movie Night Raffle

November 2015
We had a great response to our raffle package for the ultimate movie night with the family! It featured the movie “Max” about a military canine hero who is retired after losing his handler and best friend in Afghanistan. All proceeds go directly to Joy to the Woof.

Congratulations to Anita who won the draw!!!

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