COVID-19 Protocol

Phase: Spring 2022

Please call when you arrive (502) 241-8834

We continue to welcome our clients into our clinic in a safe and organized manner.
Please review the updates in our admission policies:

Veterinary Exam Appointment Steps:

  • Call 502-241-8834 when you arrive
  • Staff will instruct when to enter and escort you to an assigned exam room
  • By entering our facility, you affirm that you have had no illness symptoms or known recent exposure to Covid-19
  • Limited number of people per exam room with pet(s)
  • Remain in assigned exam room for duration of appointment. Lobby area remains closed for extended periods of time.
  • Hand sanitizing stations available upon entrance and in exam room
  • Payment for services will be handled in exam room and escorted to exit

Due to size of exam rooms, patient physical exam, services and treatments to pet will be performed in our treatment area while client remains in exam room.

Curbside Services will be continued for:

  • Medication and prescription food refills
  • Drop off samples (urine, fecal)
  • Technician service appointments

Payment for services will be handled curbside or by phone. We still accept all forms of payment and we have a portable card reader for your convenience that will accept magnetic strip cards, chip reader cards and Tap to Pay.

CALL 502-241-8834 when you arrive for our staff to assist you

We still happily continue to offer our curbside service or dropping off your pet and the doctor can speak with you over the phone. Please let the receptionist know of any special needs you may have.

What we will be doing to ensure public safety:

  • Staff will be assessed daily health screenings
  • All exam surfaces, chairs and doors will be thoroughly sanitized prior to another client/patient entering according to the CDC guidelines
  • All public areas will still be closed (ie Lobby) until a later time

Thank you for your patience as we all navigate through these changes.

Please take a few moments to review the following that helps to explain what the veterinary industry has been challenged with and still striving to provide you and your pets the quality of care they deserve!!