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  • I hereby certify that the image submitted is of the animal described on this application. I understand that the radiograph and/or image submitted will be retained by the OFA. I understand that the radiograph and/or image is submitted for evaluation based on the independent, professional judgment of a consulting board-certified veterinary radiologist, and I hereby release the OFA from any and all liability resulting from the evaluation. I understand the OFA will release normal results for dogs over 12 months to the public, and by submitting this application I agree the OFA may do so. Abnormal results will not be released to the public unless the initials of a registered owner or agent appear in the authorization box below.

  • Authorization to Release Abnormal Results

  • I hereby authorize the OFA to release the results of its radiographic evaluation of the animal described on this application to the public if the results are abnormal

  • Veterinary Instructions

  • A well positioned right lateral of the entire cervical and thoracic trachea is required. The image should be acquired with the patient awake and at peak inspiration. The patient must be at least 12 months of age in order to receive a tracheal hypoplasia OFA number

  • OFA Fees Animals Over 12 Months Tracheal Hypoplasia database - $25.00 Payments can be made by check, money order (U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank), cash, Visa, or Mastercard, payable to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Instructions for Taking Images for OFA Dysplasia Evaluations
UntitledImages should be permanently identified with:
1. Registered name and/or number
2. Name of veterinarian or hospital making the film
3. Date image taken
• Pelvic evaluation are based on the standard VD view
with good pelvic definition, pelvis not tilted and femurs
extended and parallel
• Elbow evaluations are based on the extreme flexed medial
to lateral view

OFA Database
The dysplasia control database of the OFA is a voluntary program established to evaluate images and to identify films showing no evidence of dysplasia or other orthopedic problems. All images submitted that are of acceptable diagnostic quality will be reviewed by qualified veterinary radiologists and a consensus report will be returned to the owner of record and referring veterinarian. Only animals that are 24 months of age or older to the day at the time of radiography, with no radiographic evidence of dysplasia, will be assigned a breed OFA number. The OFA does offer a consultation service for those under 24 months of age.

Image Size
For large and giant breeds of dogs, 14” x 17” film size is recommended. Smaller sizes can be used for smaller breeds if the area between the sacrum and the stifles can be included.

Image Identification
Permanent identification of the image is required to be eligible for OFA evaluation. Lead letters, an I.D. camera, or radio opaque tapes can be used to identify film. Digital images should have embedded text
(a) with the hospital or Veterinarian’s name, date taken, registered name and/or registration number or
(b) with the veterinarian’s unique case number.
• In this latter case (b), the image must be accompanied by a signed note from the veterinarian referring to such film by its unique case number and stating the information previously required in (a) above.
• If the above required information is illegible or missing, the OFA cannot accept the film for evaluation purposes. The images should be labeled right or left side for hip studies and right or left elbow for elbow studies.

Age Requirement
Only dogs that are 24 months of age, to the day, or older at the time of radiography can qualify for an OFA hip number. In general hip joint status of younger dogs will be evaluated but only a consultation report will be issued. For toy and small breeds interested in the Legg-Calve-Perthes Database the animal has to be 12 months of age or older. The dog’s registration certificate or copy of this information should be available at the time
of radiography.

OFA Policy Regarding Release Of Preliminary Results(Animals Under 24 Months)
In an effort to encourage open sharing of health test results,
the OFA will post preliminary results if:
• The animal is at least 12 months at the time of radiography
• The animal must be permanently identified via microchip or tattoo
• The owner initials the authorization block to release all results (including abnormal results) when the application is initially submitted.

Good contrast is desirable (high mAs, low kVp). Grid techniques are recommended for all large dogs.

Obtaining proper position often requires chemical restraint. The OFA recommends chemical restraint to the point of muscular relaxation. The type of agent used—sedative, tranquilizer, or general anesthesia—is best determined by the attending veterinarian.

Radiation Safety
Proper collimation and protection of attendants is the responsibility of the veterinarian. Gonadal shielding is recommended for male dogs.

Hormonal Effect
Some female dogs show subluxation when radiographed around an estrus cycle which is not apparent when re-radiographed in anestrus. The OFA recommends radiographing 3-4 weeks before or after a heat period or 3-4 weeks after weaning a litter of pups.

Dorsal recumbency with the rear legs extended and parallel to each other is the preferred positioning. This standard ventrodorsal view is the basis for evaluation of hip joint status with respect to hip dysplasia. Care should be exercised to be sure the pelvis is not tilted. Elbow joints are evaluated in the fully flexed medial to lateral position.

Application for OFA Film Evaluation
The owner or agent must complete and sign the OFA application form. This information is best obtained directly from the dog’s certificate of registration and it is recommended that a copy of the registration be included with the submission. Application forms are available on request from the OFA and from the OFA website at www.offa.org. The image, signed form, and service fee should be mailed together to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals at the address on the front of this form.